What Makes Digital Piano Better than Acoustic

In digital piano reviews, the big difference between an acoustic and digital piano is in the price, weight and sound. Nowadays, a digital piano is out for an acoustic. They sound and feel like a real piano. And for this you need the piano once or twice a year to vote for the sound to make it sound beautiful. The digital piano never needs to be tuned and you can even adjust the pitch itself if desired.

The Austrian Consumer Association has tested 10 digital pianos from brands such as Yamaha, Kawai and Roland. The test was mainly done to the playing feel, the sound from the speaker, the sound through the headphones and the volume and dynamics of the piano.

The digital piano as best test came from the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430. The target price of this piano is about € 1.700. This is obviously a lot of money, but compared to an acoustic piano, this brand is the bad. The prices of these new pianos start namely from € 2.000. In addition, with the digital pianos you have several nice touches that you do not have from an acoustic piano. Think about storing your music game, the game can also be stored in the more expensive types that are stored as an audio file, which means a USB stick can be put on the computer.

The brand Western Digital

Western Digital is known for producing hard drives for the computer, and for other storage media. The company started in 1970 as General Digital, but it changed name in 1971. It is known as a reliable brand that delivers great products and for this reason you may have this media player to choose.

Western Digital WD Elements 1TB Play

The Western Digital WD Elements 1TB Play is basically a 1 TB hard drive where you can store various media files like video, music and photos. What makes this a media player even better is that it gives you the option to connect it to your television and your files offered in the form of a menu that gives you the choice to play each file. For digital piano reviews, this would be a bonus for your digital piano. Hereby no computer is required. The uniqueness of this media player is that it supports full HD 1080p video output with an HDMI port. With an HDMI cable, you can connect your media player thanks to the HDMI port on your television and you can view videos in HD quality.


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